Cultural Packages

Our team have put together cultural packages for your kids! We would love to see their progress! Let us know if your child has missed out on a tapping stick  

Foodbank Donations

MVAC would like to thank Foodbank Victoria for supporting communities like ours!     

MVACs Newsletter

Check out MVACs Newsletter for the latest info and updates! Download Newsletter Here

COVID-19- Keeping you and your mob safe

AH&MRC have created some great 'tips on how to keep you and your mob safe' Click HERE to check it out!

Stress and Pressure

COVID-19 is affecting everyone, there's no shame in talking it out. Check out headspaces website for tips on how to deal with the pressure.

Coronavirus- good hygiene

Practice good hygiene to reduce the spread  

Corona Virus Hotline

If  you have concerns regarding COVID-19 the Department of Health has established a dedicated corona virus hotline Phone: 1800 675 398 open 24 hours, 7 days a week

MVAC events cancelled

All MVAC events have been cancelled until further notice as a result of medical advice regarding Corona Virus Easter Camp Elders Lunch Mens Group Cook and Yarn Showing of 'In my blood it runs' (postponed) We will provide…

Corona Virus

As a result of the Corona Virus we encourage everyone to protect themselves by washing your hands and covering your mouth (see flyer below or visit) As a precaution we also encourage everyone to stock up on food and medical supplies

2020 Koorie Youth Summit

Registrations are open for the 2020 Koorie Youth Summit! The event is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 18-28 living in Victoria. It goes from 2-5 April and will be held at camp Jungai MVAC can be a sponsor, please…